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I am a mum to two gorgeous children- my daughter, who was born in early 2017, and my son, who was born in early 2019. I am an Australian woman from an Italian background. I speak English and Italian, and I would love to learn French too.

My hobbies include reading, writing and any sort of art or craft. I also love travelling and I have travelled to 21 different countries in my life. I can’t wait to take the kids overseas for the first time when the pandemic eventually ends.


I am a secondary school teacher and I began…

If you believe in passive income then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Here are the steps to take to create scaleable income.

Photo by Rafael Melo Lima on Unsplash

If you look online you’ll find thousands of self-help gurus trying to sell you the dream of sitting on a beach in Mexico and drinking cocktails while relying on passive income to pay your way. According to them, you can earn money while you are sleeping with little to no effort. If you think this way, I am here to burst your bubble.

There is no such thing as passive income

Anything that is labelled as ‘passive income’ actually requires varying amounts of work to achieve it. Even the most passive kind of all, stocks, requires you to take the…

This is one of the most important things to do when you are trying to lose weight

Photo by Tetiana Bykovets on Unsplash

I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life, and I put that down to my lifelong addiction to sugar.

I honestly can’t help myself. It is a bit shameful to admit, but I can eat a whole family-size block of chocolate by myself in one sitting. And then I want more. However, I know I am not alone because it is estimated that 52% of Australians and 75% of Americans eat excessive sugar.

It shouldn’t be a surprise considering come studies suggest that sugar is as addictive as cocaine.

I began this year with a new year’s resolution…

I’ve had quick success with all of these

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Side hustles are a great thing to have and I firmly believe that everyone should have one.

They are a great way to supplement your income when you experience troughs in your business, or they can help you earn a little extra ‘play’ money. Before 2020, my husband and I made enough money to live so we used the side hustles here just to invest. However, since I’ve lost business income from multiple lockdowns in Melbourne, having these side hustles means we haven’t had to go without.

Please note: There’s no such thing as passive income and, if you’re looking…

I haven’t done it yet, so don’t make the same mistake

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

A few of my articles have gotten a decent number of views. Not viral, by any means, but pretty good.

Take this article about The 12 Simple Micro-Habits that are Helping Me Lose Weight. Every day since I published it, this story has been making me some money. Currently, it sits at 2.7K views and has earned me a tidy $135.21. Pretty cool.

Plus 5 tips to improve your content creation journey

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

We live in a world where literally anyone can make it as a content creator. Anyone.

There are a lot of naysayers out there who will attest that not everyone can make it as a content creator. Usually, they say it is ‘too late’ to start in 2021 or that you need to be the ‘first one’ in a niche. They usually point out the millions of blogs, Instagram/TikTok accounts and YouTube channels that haven’t made it or found any way to monetise.

However, it is my opinion that if you aren’t earning enough money, you just aren’t working smart…


Here’s why it is so important

Photo by Katie Rainbow 🏳️‍🌈 on Unsplash

I read an article yesterday that left me incensed. Basically, the author stated it was stupid for people to have their pronouns in their internet bios and if you prefer they/them, she wouldn’t respect it and just refer to you as he or she, anyway.

She also particularly ridiculed women who like to put she/her in their bios. She said that, of course; they are female and why would she refer to them as anything else? I’m not sure why she chose to pinpoint women when there are definitely men who put he/him in their bios. …

Have all the ‘financial freedom’ gurus made you feel inadequate?

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

It seems a lot of gurus and influencers these days are trying to make you think your life isn’t good enough and that there is something wrong with having a standard office job. They tell you to ‘escape the 9 to 5’ or to ‘break the chains’ to your office job. They tell you to ‘be your own boss’ and ‘triple your income’ in just a few months.

But what’s wrong with working for someone else? Why has the internet made it a bad thing?

Furthermore, why is money the thing that we seem to be striving for?

We need…

The brilliant branding that is Hermes

Image created by the author on Canva

This Birkin above sold for $500k.

I’ll just let that sink in for a moment.

This is the Himalayan Birkin and it is made from exotic crocodile leather, 18 karats white gold hardware and is encrusted with 200 diamonds. This bag originally sold for $300,000 in 2016 and then was resold at auction for $500,000 in 2019. There is no investment quite like this one.

It is insane, but that is the legacy of the Birkin. If you go into a Hermes store and buy a Birkin, you could sell it for at least an extra $10k the very next…

Closing down my business was the best decision I made

Photo by Jose Fontano on Unsplash

Do you have a business that is struggling to stay afloat? Or perhaps your business is running smoothly enough, but you have a niggling feeling that something is wrong? Maybe you are obtaining great, ongoing customers but you’re experiencing so many technical difficulties that you wonder if it is even worth pursuing?

If you can relate to any of those questions, I know exactly how you feel.

My first foray into business was with renting out a photo booth for events. The business did fairly well as a startup and I was turning a profit before long.

Despite the success…

Catherine Mancini

Australian teacher, photographer, writer, mum and friend. Support my artwork on Redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/CatherineStar/shop?asc=u

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